SONG: Recover (Cid Rim Remix)
ALBUM: Recover (Cid Rim Remix) - Single

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It’s been way too long since I last drew the queen of the Gigantic.

"To A New Future"
- Vongola Box Farewells

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"…his drums just wouldn’t stop thundering in my head."

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remember years back when this is what we thought law looked like

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Yoneda Sensei’s fanart for Sousuke in “Free!” collaborated with Ponyo calling out “Sousuke!! I like you!!”. This is her recent Moe, although she thinks her style doesn’t match the original.

She says she’ll stop now, or her editor will stab her.. I guess she is still in a midst of submitting a draft .. for Saezuru?!

from Yoneda Kou’s twitter 13 July 2014



when ur battling ice type pokemon


  • Zoro: Luffy this isn't our fight.
  • Luffy: ᕕ( ᐛ )___________________________ᕗ


So am I Goldie… So am I…